Egon Stuflesser

About me

Egon Digon formed his technical knowledge in the tradition of wood carving from Val Gardena and nowadays has found his personal style within the field of sculpture. His sculptures are created with great craftsmanship, working the whole process by hand. Originated from a block of solid wood (mostly he uses lime tree, because of its uniform properties), the final artwork gets a surface texture and the outline in a way it resembles soft foam rubber. This illusion is due to his abilities to understand the deformation of material under pressure. He breaks the solidity of the rigid material and transforms it into an organic shape, resembling the action of being trapped. In this situation, material squeezes out of the original geometric form and the movement of material leaves traces of fine lines of bulges and compression.

The compression and thrust of the material gains deformations and breaks with the formal aesthetics of the initial form. This is a treatment that can be understood as a symbol for our time. We are increasingly canalised into systems from which the artist desires to escape. In these works, there is expression of freedom shown through a disruptive action, able to break the pattern and adopt an irregular shape.

This is therefore a positive message. There is hope for a possibility to escape these ties, which leave us no room to move and would force us to follow a certain way of life. These are works that represent the contemporary situation experienced by persons who feel overwhelmed by political, economic, and social mechanisms.


  • born 1964 in Bressanone
  • studies at the institut of art, Ortisei
  • 1987 graduates as a master sculptor
  • 1994 – 2022 exhibitor at the Art Fair UNIKA
  • 1999 - 2004 president of the association of artists UNIKA
  • 2018 exhibitor at the Triennale of Art Monumentl at Bad Ragaz Switzerland
  • 2018 18.07. - 31.09. House 17 Luxembourg “Taking Shape” group exhibition at Gallery Zadra Luxembourg
  • 2019 06.03. - 31.03. House 17 Luxembourg „Auf den Spuren unsere Vorfahren“
  • 2019 participation at “Sculptura” - Wasserburg Bodensee
  • 2019 09.11. - 22.11. solo exhibition at Galleria “Gli Angeli” Bergamo
  • 2020 17.10. - 07.11. solo exhibition “Ёur” - Vijion Art Gallery
  • rapresented from the Vijion Art Gallery at different exhibitions, national and international Art Fairs (Milano, Berlino, Zurigo, Amburgo, Basilea, Francoforte, Cologna)
Egon Stuflesser